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Cumbria, Berwick, and the Union Chain Bridge.

  This entry is about my most recent trip in my Eriba Triton. The tour took place from the 17th to the 22nd of April 2023 taking my tally for this year to 14 nights living in the van. I was blessed with mostly fine, dry weather with it turning just a bit dull whilst in Berwick Upon Tweed. It did remain quite cold, and unfortunately fairly breezy meaning I couldn't make use of the drone for aerial shots. My first stop was one of my favourite sites on the C&MC network, Englethwaite Hall near Armathwaite in the Eden Valley. This valley is south east of Carlisle in Cumbria. I was on the almost exact pitch I was on the last time I visited, in August last year. This site has no facilities block, so I used the vans washroom, my Kampa Geyser for hot water, and I pitched the toilet tent to use for showers. This setup works a treat when you need to be 'self sufficient'. This artwork hangs in the van. It is a painting of the van, here in Englethwaite Hall, where I was pitched last

The NW Highlands, March 2023.

  This post is about my first trip in the caravan in 2023. I left home on the 24th of March and returned on the 1st of April. I stayed at three C&MC Sites during this trip, Culloden Moor, Morvich, and Kinlochewe. The weather was, on the whole, better than forecast and was in fact very pleasant. Any rain I experienced was light or drizzly and winds were light. Overall, great weather for touring. I use Culloden really as a 'stop-over'. It's ideally located for me between my home in Aberdeenshire and my first objective, Morvich. It's a nice, well kept site with good dog walking, and access to the supermarkets around Inverness before heading into the more remote areas. I normally take the basics from home, pick up some of the 'staples' on route, and try to buy the top-ups and luxuries in the local areas where I'm touring. Morvich was comfortably quiet. The site had only been open one day and the weather was great. I've been here many, many times and it f