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This is night No.90/2018 living in my caravan, now pitched at Balbirnie C&MC Site near Markinch in Fife. This site is always very good value, and one night cost £12.40. That is very cheap for a C&MC site. I was last here in April when I stayed for one night, and strangely the warden woman recognised me! I must have one of those weird looking faces! It's a bit of a 'utility' stop. Beesknowe (a CL) was fine, but I needed to get some laundry done and also visit my daughter in her new flat in Dunfermline. There had been a grass frost overnight. I awoke in the early hours and turned the heater up. Mind you, it was on 2 and I only moved it to 3, it's a very hot heater when on gas. It was a lovely morning when I got up at 0600. Took the dogs for a walk along the deserted back roads and then knocked up a good hearty breakfast. The gas kettle I use when on these sites must be favoured by the 'refelecto-porn' community! What I did notice around this area


This is night No.89/2018 living in my caravan. Now pitched at Beesknowe Farm, a CL near Stenton about 4 miles from Dunbar. £5 per night, irrespective of how many people, size of outfit, number of dogs etc. Awoke at 0600 to quite fine weather. Took the dogs for a run around the nearby fields, and after breakfast I packed up the van to move on. Wasted time, read a book, had a snooze, and finally left Dunbar C&CC Site around 1200 for the 5 min drive to Beesknowe. I much prefer CL's. Dunbar was just too crowded for me. It was quiet enough in my van, but people and vehicles to and fro'ing, kids on bikes, folk erecting all distracts me! I must be getting old and set in my own ways. There was one other Eriba at Dunbar, looked like a 310GT, same as mine but instead of a toilet it has an extra small single bed, making it a 3 berth. Nice van. There was only one other outfit at Beesknowe, and it was an Eriba. Bigger than mine, maybe a 420GT? It's hard to tell


This is night No.88/2018 living in my caravan. This is our second night at Dunbar C&CC Site near Dunbar. I awoke quite late today, 0700! Slept like a log, maybe it was the rain overnight or the strong breeze, I've no idea but to sleep until 0700 is a rare thing. Took the dogs for a blast in the neighbouring fields. There's no livestock, so they get a good runaround. After a shower, for the first time on this trip, it was a roll with bacon, and one with a fried egg. Delicious. After breakfast, took the dogs on a long walk along White Sand Bay, past Barns Ness lighthouse, onto the bay beyond. This area has a great coastline. The cement work was again in full swing, it's huge plume still pumping out 24hrs a day. The Barns Ness lighthouse and the remains of a timber and iron structure. Must have been part of a dock at one time? After lunch, I wanted to have a sneaky look at a CL I fancy at a farm about 3 miles from here, Beesknowe. At £5 per night, I didn

Dunbar and Witch Burnings

This is night No.87/2018 living in my caravan. Now pitched up at the Dunbar Camping & Caravanning Club Site near Broxburn on the outskirts of Dunbar. Got up at 0600 to fine weather. Took the dogs for a quick 'emptying' towards the Tweed, and after breakfast I took them out for a longer walk. I've done this walk before, a nice circular, past Melrose Abbey, through Newstead, then return along the banks of the Tweed to Melrose. The Abbey is a spectacular building, despite having been ruined in the past. It must have been a stunning place when it had all the stained glass and roofs. Lovely weather as we headed out to Newstead. Interesting, Newstead claims to be the oldest inhabited village in Scotland? Doesn't strike me as that old compared to my village! I think they must suffer from a lack of children in Newstead, the swings were covered in Ivy. Unfortunately, plans were scuppered again this trip by farmers. There were cattle with calves on the st


This is night No. 86/2018 living in my caravan. This is my second night at Melrose Gibson Park C&MC Site in Melrose. It was still fairly dark when I got up at 0600. At least it was dry and very little wind. This was forecast to change considerably as the day went on. Our first walk, around 0630 was down to the past the Rugby Club and a short circular route down to the Tweed and back. I was conscious that it was going to get very wild today (as it did), so at around 0900, I took the dogs for a good run around the banks of the Tweed. The wind was picking up, and it started to rain around 0930. It then bucketed down! For a good couple of hours, I read, they slept, and I nipped out to get a couple of pies and a haircut in Melrose. The barber had just opened up here, having sold his barber shop in Montrose, up my way! I don't know if it's a Turkish Barber 'war' going on, but he was telling me that the Turkish Barber in Brechin (who I use) isn't Turkish, he