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Around Loch Ness and Foyers

This is night No.104/2019 living in my caravan. It's also our second night at Loch Ness Shores C&CC Site near Foyers on the banks of Loch Ness. Last night was a very cold night. When I got up to take the dogs out at 0700, the van was covered in ice, and it was -4C. I reckon it must have got a bit lower than that. However, I slept sound and was toasty warm in the van. After breakfast, got some warm clothes on and headed a couple of miles north, past Boleskine House, to Farigaig Forest. I've walked here many times previously, it has some great way marked trails. A fine forest. The path we followed, a bark topped affair, was covered in fungi. A bit of a sweaty grunt up to the viewpoint high in the forest. Amazing views up Loch Ness. I've taken this photo before, it's the screen saver on my iPad! A zoomed shot of Urquhart Castle further up the north side of the Loch. Looking across to the rocky hill of Fasnagruig. It was the locati


This is night No.103/2019. We're pitched at the Loch Ness Shores C&CC Site at Foyers on the south side of Loch Ness. My Troll has been laid up for the winter, and I was kindly offered the use of a Puck during the winter. This saves me having to lug all the soft furnishings, mattress, and seating back into the Troll, not forgetting that it also has a cover fitted. The Puck is identical to the one I previously owned, my first Eriba and my first caravan. These caravans are small and don't have a washroom, so during the winter it's essential to use a site with the facilities. There aren't a lot of sites open through the winter, and I was torn between 4. Oban, Melrose, Newcastleton, or Foyers. I've been to Foyers many times and it's a great site for walking and for dogs, so opted for here. Around a 4 hr drive from home. Stopped on the way at Bin Forest just outside Huntly. A good opportunity to give the dogs a decent walk and to break the journey.

Winter time again...

After a great years touring, I decided to put the caravan into hibernation for the winter. Checking back, it was almost a year to the day (in fact, the 15th of Nov) that I put the winter cover on my last caravan. Started by giving the van a good clean. It was frosty this morning, so there was a fair amount of dew on the van and some patches of frost on the roof. First thing was to cover the A frame with the small section of the cover. A bit different than the last cover I had, there's no velcro between the A frame cover and the main body cover. Laid out the cover over the gate, ready to be lifted up and over the roof with the supplied extendable poles.                                       With an extra pair of hands, lifted the cover over the van and fitted the straps underneath. A very high quality cover, but doesn't fit as 'snug' as the one I had on my familia. Probably due to the fact that there are more additions to the e

The Waterloo Monument

This is night No.103/2019 living in my caravan. My final night in Melrose. It was very cold last night, well into the 'minuses', the forecast last night predicted sheltered spots in the Borders may be as low as -5C. The van was covered in ice, but I never noticed anything at all through the night! Got up around 0630 and took the dogs for a walk in a still, frozen, walk to the Tweed. A lovely winters morning. I had hoped maybe to go back to Abbotsford but I didn't fancy de-icing the car, so took the dogs for a walk I've done many times. It's a long loop following the north then south banks of the Tweed between the Chain Bridge and road bridge west of Gattonside. Conditions were perfect for some riverside walking. Met a few dog walkers and a couple of runners, but a very quiet walk. After lunch, drove about 8 miles south to Harstanes, a forest visitor centre near Ancrum. I've been here before and there is some good walking. I also wanted

Abbotsford and Dryburgh

This is night No.101/2019 living un my caravan. It's also the 3rd night at Melrose C&MC Site. The weather again was very wet overnight, but just light rain when we went out for our first walk down to the Tweed at around 0700. After getting a shower, indulged myself with a quick fry-up. Was planning to walk this off today as there were a few places I had in mind to visit. After breakfast, headed the short 5 minute drive to Abottsford Estate, the former home of Sir Walter Scott. A really nice walk leads from the carpark for the visitor centre down to the banks of the Tweed. Part of the route is on the Borders Abbey Way, a long distance walk. Passed the humungous Abbotsford House. It has been extended a few times over its life, but this is probably one of the grandest houses in Scotland. The route passed the house, through the woods and across the main road leading into another fine wood. A really enjoyable hour or so. From here, we headed east towards D