A set of Sun Shades for my Triton


The Eriba is a quirky caravan, very well designed, and pretty nice looking too. If adding an accessory or changing something around the van, it's worth giving a little throught to the classic, 'retro' character of these vans. I think I achieved this with my new home-made sun shades for the windows.

I had a set of shades for the windows on my previous van, a 'blind' Puck. They are really great for keeping the van cool when there's direct sun on the windows. OK, I could use the black out blinds, but the retro looking sun shades look a lot better!

When I sold the Puck, I gave the shades with the van. They didn't fit any of the Triton windows. In fact, I was given two plain grey shades with the van, but I really wanted something a bit more chirpy looking.

I measured the windows on the Triton. My plan is to use the plain grey one I already have on the side windows if needed, and I'd make one for the rear windows and one for each of the two front windows. Interestingly, the windows are a good bit narrower at the top than the bottom, so I designed the shades to taper to match this.

I ordered a waterproof striped acrylic canvas type material in a classic design, some 1" Bias Binding for the edges, and 1" flat elastic for retaining on the window. I also ordered a strip of Keder beading to attach the shades to the awning rail.

I cut tha material and clipped the binding around the 'raw' edge.

On the first shade I forgot to tuck the elastic under the binding, so it went on top!

I also achieved a 'scalloped' look.

After a few hours work, and a bit of kitchen chaos, it was job done. The Triton's table proved a very good sewing table!

I am delighted with the result!

The elastic keeps the shades from flapping around.

The front ones fit great too. They are on a single length of Keder, allowing both shades to be fitted as one.

This was the Keder strip. The canvas fabric is sandwiched in the strip and sewn closed.

Cool Baby!!!



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