An Introduction.

I have travelled around, mainly, Scotland for many years. I first started regular trips when I started to 'bag' the Scottish Munros. This gave me a real appreciation for the places in far flung part of the country which otherwise I would probably never have visited.

I started out with an old T25 VW Westfalia camper van, and upgraded to a Westfalia T4 which gave me many years and hundreds of nights away.

I had often thought of the idea of a caravan, and always liked the style of the Eriba's. The benefits over a camper van, financially, are huge and in early 2017, I purchased an Eriba Puck 120.

I've had some great trips in this van. I spent 56 nights away in the Puck in 2017, travelling all over Scotland from the Borders to the far North. It was brilliant.

I have now changed the van to an Eriba 320GT, which is a little bigger and has more onboard facilities. This blog will start with my trips in the new van!

Should mention my travel companion. My Cocker Spaniels Bonnie and Hamish.

My plan is to blog about my van, the trips I'm planning (or on), and discuss some of my experiences both on and off the road.

Hope its worthwhile!



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