Eriba gutters and the black streaks.

Thought I'd share a great tip I learned of a while back from a member on one of the Eriba forums.

The gutters on an Eriba are really not adequate for the rain we get here in Scotland. The gutter runs round the entire roof, and has just four small holes, about 1/4" diameter, each hole located near the corners. The rain which drains through these holes then runs down the slanted body of the corners of the van, resulting often in black streaks on the white paintwork.

A simple remedy is to push a cable tie through each hole.

The water in the gutter then dribbles along the cable tie, and viola!, misses the rest of the bodywork.

To illustrate the black streaks if the cable tie is not sitting properly....

In the area I live, there are a lot of coal and wood fires in houses and this amount of streaking occurred only a few days after I polished the van. The van is shiney!


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