Balbirnie Park

Night No 19/2018 of staying in the caravan. Now at Balbirnie Park, in Markinch in Fife. A very reasonable £11.20 for me, the mutts (free), and the van. And that is without any discount! The joys of off season touring I guess.

I had to return from my last trip to get my car MOT'd (passed with no problem) and get an annual engine service. I probably would have continued, but I also needed to cut the grass, which is growing strong now. So, I decided to go another trip, this one not involving so many miles and revisiting some of my favourite sites by the beach.

The weather today is lovely. Quite warm too. After doing some greasing of the hitchhead, packed up and left around 1230. It takes about 1hr20mins from my house to here.

I stopped here at Balbirnie as a bit of a journey breaker, and also because I'd never been before. I used to live in Markinch many years ago, and I did like the place back then. It's changed a lot though, a lot of new houses have been built, and there is also (here) a caravan site. This used to be the site of a simple gate house to the next door Balbirnie Park. To be honest, I didn't recognise the park. Used to walk here a lot, but the growth and planting of trees and bushes make it look very different. Still an outstanding area to walk, very open and green and stunning on a day like this.

I have 7 nights in total booked. Here, then Dunbar followed by Yellowcraig near North Berwick. Both these sites have stunning beaches. The forecast looks good, so fingers crossed.

And then a very rare occurrence. A visitor! My daughter was at the Links Market in Kirkcaldy and dropped in on her way home with wee Louis.

That's Louis 'contained' in the boot of the car whilst his mum sorts out the buggy for our walk down memory lane...

We walked the dogs through Balbirnie Park into the town. I took a photo here, around 1983 and it hasn't changed much!


We then took a wander to see the old cottage I used to own. Mansefield Cottage. Hasn't changed much in 30yrs, in fact still has the paint I applied on the outside!

I know it is the paint job I done, how could I forget? I was around 23 at the time and the painting involved scaling a BIG ladder up to the gutter. As a lifelong sufferer of 'vertigo', I was petrified. However, I always remember going to the nearby 'Markinch Wine Gallery' and buying 2 bottles of 'Steam Beer' (?), which after consuming, this ladders malarcy was an absolute nothing!!

Here's me 30 years ago pushing my daughter up the path.

The path now..

We did have a lot of cats then!

Said cheerio to my daughter and grandson in some stunning weather. Shortly heading out for some food, my van is empty!

When I went to Morrisons, I met my niece, Amy, who I haven't seen for many years and we had a wee chat, she was lovely. On return, went for a wander round the park. It was beautiful.


  1. Was a great wee hour! Louis was asleep by the roundabout! So about 45 seconds from the site

  2. Nostalgia isn't what it used to be, eh? Although I never lived there, I did work - literally, as man and boy - in Markinch for many years, first as a milk-boy and then a summer milk-man, at Barclays Dairy on Commercial Street. Spookily enough, one of the summer tasks I had back then (early to mid 80s) was to sell milk, rolls, yoghourt, etc. at Balbirnie Caravan Park. Finally (and it's a compliment), you're half the man now than you were in that photo with Laura. Must have been the steam beer.

    1. Funny enough, the reason I met Charlie Poulton was because I stopped him to ask if there were any chip shops in Markinch. He said no, but there was a chinky on Commercial St. The Chinky we knew was still there, but shut. I could see no evidence left of Barclays. I too remember it, but not the caravan site.


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