Balbirnie to Dunbar.

Night No 20/2018 staying in the van. Now at Dunbar C&CC Site, near the town of Dunbar.

Had a surprisingly good stay yesterday at Balbirnie. I was really surprised that a site which is in an urban environment could still be so rewarding. I have a connection with Markinch, so I was familiar with the town, but the nearby facilities such as shops and take aways was a real bonus, but the main attraction for me is the proximity of Balbirnie Park, which is excellent for dog walking, and a very pleasant and open place to wander. For the first time ever on my trips, I even had a chinese takeaway which was excellent!

Got up around 0645, and after a quick coffee, took the dogs a short walk round Balbirnie. It was a fine morning and still fairly mild. After breakfast, we went a longer walk. This park is famous for Rhododendron and its easy to see why. There are some huge and colourful specimens.

Crossed from the park to another walk on a hill near where I used to live on Manse Rd. This particular bit I remember as I used to go out each morning for rolls and garlic sausage for my piece when I worked at Rosyth!

Left Balbirnie at 1200 and headed to Dunbar, a journey of around 1hr 30mins. Fairly uneventful apart from witnessing a motorhome lose one of it's side windows on the motorway. An expensive event. The window (acrylic) was destroyed in the middle of the motorway, and the motorhome had pulled in a little ahead. Thats what happens if you don't close the windows!

Pitched up in a nice spot on the site with good sea views, views over Dunbar, and the Bass Rock.

I'm sure the site is on reclaimed land probably a former landfill site. The grass never seems to grow and the ground is very uniform. The site relocated here a number of years ago when the previous site was needed for quarrying. Big holes in the ground = landfill site!

Good site and only 5 mins from a beach. A bit breezy and showery this afternoon, so not many pictures!

The weather did improve a bit, and after dinner, we went the 2hr round walk to Dunbar and back, following the coast at the edge of the golf course.

Right welcoming bunch, these pastel clad clowns..

Dunbar is a nice wee town.

On the return leg, I recall hearing on the news that a ship had lost a considerable amount of timber during a recent storm, and the Receiver of Wrecks was warning folk about collecting it. Could this be some?


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