Berwick Law

This is night No 24/2018 staying in my Eriba caravan. Second night at Yellowcraig C&MC Site near Dirleton.

Woke around 0630. It was bright, but a stiff, cold wind. Felt pretty chilly after the fine weather of late! Took the dogs for an early walk down towards Yellowcraig Beach. There were no cars in the huge carpark, and I never met a soul.

I planned to go and walk up Berwick Law. 'When in Berwick' as they say. I've been up before, it's a great walk. A bit of a steep grunt but doesn't take long. I think I was around 30mins, car to summit.

It's a landmark which can be seen for miles. A conical shaped hill.

The view over North Berwick on the way up. Yellowcraig (where I'm staying) is the beach top left.

There's a ruined cottage style building, and a more recent observation post. An of course, a huge replica whale jaw bone!

It's fibreglass. For many years, installed were 'real' bones, but they often degraded and collapsed.

There's a number of wild Exmoor Ponies which graze freely.

Good walk. The wind chill was horrendous though, and I had to hold on to my tammy! Due to it being quite a short (but tough) walk, visited 'The Glen' which was a nice walk by a burn.

A ruined mill on the walk.

After lunch, took the dogs down the beach and got drenched by this passing storm.

The island offshore, Fidra.

There is a good 'dog park' on the site. A bit more than the usual tiny dog walk.


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