Brora continued..

Night No 8/2018. Enjoying my second day at the Brora C&MC Site in Sutherland. Got another good sleep, but was up quite early, around 0600. Had a quick coffee then took the dogs down to the deserted but stunning beach. A fantastic sunrise.

The beach goes on for miles.

After breakfast, decided I would go and buy a new set of towing mirrors, as I lost one on the A9 yesterday on the way here. There is a dealer and accessory shop in Edderton, a village near Tain, but when I passed around 0930 they were yet to open.

A few miles away towards Bonar Bridge, stopped at this wee wood. Small, but really well kept and had some really ancient stunted trees. Good break for the dogs.

Returned to GNR Sutherland caravan shop and there accessory range was superb! It was an alladins cave for a caravanner. They had exactly what I was looking for and for a really competitive price. Thats me mirrored up again!

On the return, I knew of a FC Forest just over the Dornoch Bridge, Cuthill Forest. Great walk and as there were pheasants in that wood, the dogs got a mega workout. Some interesting tree art...

Went back to the site after a quick stop for a couple of pies in Golspie. Popped into a Thrift Shop (thats what it was called) in Brora and picked up a book, a steel tea pot made in India (?), and two brand new polo shirts, all for £3.50. Love the shirt.....

Interesting take on grammar on the gate leading across the golf course to the beach. Golf in process? 

Great long walk along the beach tonight with the dogs. An absolutely stunning stretch.


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