Bunree Day 2

This is night No 18/2018 in the van. Second night at Bunree C&MC site near Onich.

The weather last night was wild. Storm force winds and driving rain. I was woken lots by the battering the van was taking and the flapping of the canvas of the pop-top on the van. My trusty watering can was now at the other end of the site!

Finally got up at 0645 and it was bucketing! The tide was also in on the loch, so the dog walk on the site was completely submerged. Decided to take a drive over the Inchree and had a very wet walk around the waterfall trail.

Returned to the van, dried the mutts, and hung all the wet kit in the toilet. Banged up the heating and directed all the blown air to there. It's a pretty effective drying room!

Dogs took care of their own drying, and washing.

After breakfast and a shower, as forecast, it was starting to change to showers which was a relief.

At around 1100, drove back to Inchree in better weather to walk the longer Wades Road Trail which is the longer of the walks. I'd walked this in fine weather last year and the views were tremendous. Nice long ascent up the the top of the walk.

Then there's the final steeper grunt after this bridge, then a nice wander past a quarry, returning down the other side of the gorge.

Great views down towards the loch.

Returned to the van for lunch, then this time took a longer walk round the back of the houses at Inchree. Spotted this MF135 with a brutal looking saw attachment. Nice tractor.

 Then entered the woods to the nice waterfalls.

One thing about the rain, you get fine waterfalls!

After dinner of ham and mushroom tagliatelle, took the dogs out for a wander along the shore, in between the showers.



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