This is night 17/2018 staying in the caravan. Now pitched up at the Bunree C&MC Site near Onich, south of Fort William. Took advantage of an offer at the moment of 50% midweek pitch discount, so it was a very good £21.50 for the 2 nights.

Woke around 0645 to some fine weather. Patchy blue sky's and very mild indeed. This was a real surprise. The last forecast I read last night was predicting light rain all day. As this was a day for packing up and towing, you have to plan a bit more for the rain, for example removing and packing non essential stuff the night before such as TV cables, boots etc.

Took the dogs up round the forest walk near Inverinate.

They had a real workout. Unexpectedly, they spooked a herd of wild goats. The goats had not seen or heard us approaching, and had performed a mass 'bolt'. Fortunately, I don't know how they managed it, but they got onto the other side of the deer fence and the dogs could relax. Was a bit of a pheasant mania type run around.

I can't explain why, but the dogs seem to go bonkers with deer and now goats, and particularly game birds, but I've learnt on this trip that they're quite relaxed with sheep.

Packed up and left Morvich around 0930. I drove probably 50mls without encountering any other vehicle (in front or behind) going in my direction, south. It was busy north. The weather deteriorated around Glen Shiel and it was steady rain all the way to Spean Bridge, and when I reached Fort William it was heavy rain.

I stopped in the new Aldi, and picked up some AA batteries in Argos across the road. Headed down to Bunree, arriving here at 1200. The rain suddenly stopped, and it started to get brighter. Fine and jammy, had a dry pitching and unpacking!

Got a nice lochside pitch with nice views of the hills across Loch Linnhe.

Over the main road from the site, is the FC Forest, Glen Righ. There's a couple of good walks. Took the dogs around the waterfall trail.

Climbs to a height to get a good view back over Bunree.

Returned to the van and fed the dogs. I'm afraid it was 'Bob Martin Complete' as it looked the best of what I could find in Fort William in the rain! After a bit of a read and a listen to the radio, about 1600 we headed out to have a wander in a wood I'd read of online. The wood is Coille Charnuis, about a mile from North Ballachulish on the Kinlochleven road.

A great wood which gradually gains height, giving some great views over the Pap of Glencoe, and the Ballachulish Horseshoe.

A panorama of the hills across Loch Leven.

Had to make the most of today. Tomorrows weather looks miserable!


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