Culloden Moor (caravan site, not battleground)

This is Night No 5 away in my van this year. Staying at Culloden Moor C&MC Site, a few miles east of Inverness. 2 nights for me, the van and the mutts (free) for £35.40.

Ive been here a few times in the past but always in a campervan. I've always found this site to be a great journey breaker, as it really is ideal for heading in any direction. Great for going north or west and fairly close to the A9 and the A96. Also means there's not a huge drive to wherever I go next.

The weather today was as forecast when I got up around 0630. Wet, sleet, and pretty nippy. Headed down again to the Dee, heading east.

After breakfast and a shower, I started packing up to go. The rain was easing and it really only takes me about 10mins! Took the dogs one last walk, then left to head here.

It was heavy sleety showers most of the way. The roads were good apart from the road as you enter Elgin. The gas board are installing a pipe which will take until May to finish and the queue at the lights was a good 20mins.

As I approached Nairn, the weather was improving and as I reached here, the sun finally came out! What a feeling when all youve seen is rain for a while. The site has quite a bit of lying snow, the warden was saying it snowed the last 2 nights. The forecast for the next few days does look pretty good though.

Nice walk round the FC Forest right next to the site. Love it when the dog walking area is actually a forest! Good size too.


It took us around 2.5hrs get here, and I was starving! Had a Jamaican Curry I had bought in the coop which was lovely. Top marks to the Remoska again.

Nipped in to an absolutely enormous Tesco in Inverness for some supplies, stopping at the Cumberland Stone to buff up my penknife, just like the Hanoverians before the big match back in 1745!

On the way back to the site, I was planning to drop into the Culloden Battlefield exhibition, and walk the dogs round the site, but there were torrential showers! I went into Tesco in the spring and came out in the winter! That visit will happen tomorrow.


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