Culloden Moor, second day.

Night 6/2018. Second night here in Culloden Moor. A great site and it is proving to be a great location for dogs. Some fine dog walking immediately from the site, and a short drive away.

Slept well and got up late, 0700(!). The weather must have been clear last night as there was a good frost on the ground and it was a bit nippy. Started with a walk in the woods next to the site which was excellent. Good crisp walk. The bonus was that the sun was shining.

After a breakfast of granola and a bagel, at about 0900 we jumped in the car and headed through Balloch to Culloden Village. I was looking for the FC carpark for Culloden Wood, the location which I got from a FC leaflet.

An excellent wood for a walk. A real feel of an old forest and it is quite historic as it forms part of the Culloden Battlefield trail.

Great old bridge over the rail line with an ancient tree bang in the middle.

St Mary's well is a 'clootie well'. Similar to the one on the Black Isle across the firth.

To be honest, these places are just a bit of a dump! Old rags hung from trees just looks like littering. Folk had posted signs asking no socks or plastic? Apparently thats a lack of respect??

There must me a lot of illness of the beaks around here as it looked like a lot of old hankies hanging from branches!

Great views across the Moray Firth with a snow capped Ben Wyvis.

Continues on this fine trail, and came to the 'Prisoners Stone'. The story is that the government troops of the day lined up and shot 17 Jacobites on the stone. I think there might be a bit of 'Rob Roys' cave going on here, but it makes a riveting story. Should have featured it on Outlander!

Great walk, took about 1.5hrs and only saw 2 or 3 other dog walkers and a jogger.

Returned to the van for lunch and to do the laundry. It's a refreshing feeling to know that all my clothes are clean and ready for use. Hand washed of course, with the addition of £1 for a rinse and spin, and £2 for 2 15min sessions in the dryer.

From my FC, I liked the look of Ord Hill. It's in North Kessock, a 15 min drive from here.

What a great forest. Very lush and dense.

Heads past an enormous commercial grower of trees. Must be for forestry, and maybe the christmas tree market, but it was a huge operation.

Continued along the route with some stunning views over the Moray Firth.

The route climbs quite a bit, as the view over the Kessock Bridge shows.

Last night here, tomorrow looks a bit wet. Heading another 60 odd miles north to Brora. Another great site.


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