Dunbar to North Berwick

Night No 23/2018 staying in the caravan. I'm now at Yellowcraig C&MC Site, Dirleton, which is near North Berwick. A reasonable total of £35.60 for 3 nights. Taking advantage of the 50% midweek discount on the pitch element of the cost for 2 of the 3 nights.

I've been here before with my campervan and with my Puck. In fact it was the first ever trip I made with the Puck! It's a great site. Right next to Yellowcraig beach which is stunning, and a good walk can be made from here to North Berwick entirely on the beach.

Got up at around 0600 in Dunbar. It was my last day, so I had to have everything out by 1200. Took the dogs first round the field for a blast.

That cement plant pumps a huge plume out 24hrs a day. Don't know what it is but it's got a chlorine smell when your (miles) downwind.

After breakfast, I needed to kill some time before departing, so we went a great walk back along to Barns Ness and it's lovely beach.

Don't know what this was, but it was huge timbers and iron?

There's a 'geological trail' between White Sands and Barns Ness, some really interesting formations. I have no idea if these are natural or man made, but there is the ruins of a lime kiln nearby.

Left Dunbar after packing up and made the short 30min drive to Yellowcraig. A very green site, very few gravel pitches. Most are grass.

After unpacking, took the dogs to the great beach.

Popped into North Berwick for some supplies at Aldi. Luckily, they still had their 'caravan' specials on, so stocked up on the toilet fluid.

After dinner, went for a walk along the John Muir Way which, like Dunbar, passes this site. The site in the distance.

Some very big posh houses here. The plots are massive.

Continued onto the beach, surprise, there was more washed up wood!

Don't tell the 'Receiver of Wrecks', but I pinched a couple of bits for myself.

Distant Bass Rock.

Lovely evening when I wandered back to the site.

Caravan sporting my new steady pads!


  1. Wonder if the steel and timber remains are some remnant of an old barge or similar vessel. Judging by recent TV programs, a lot of UK coastlines have such evidence of abandoned inland water activities. Is this the same site so beloved of Uncle Hamish? I now wonder where you are headed next. Perhaps into Northumberland or even over to the Lake District, although the (presumed) business of the latter at this time will be a detterent to you. Finally, I was relieved to see the evidence of how you used the flotsam wood as, for a moment, I thought you had taken up your father's whittling habits. Aye, like Faither, like Son.

    1. I'll collect more later. Christmas Island heads if I recall?


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