Eriba Heating

Quick review of the heating system in my Eriba 320GT.

I'm really surprised how good it is. My previous Eriba, a Puck 120, had no heating. I relied on a small oil filled radiator which was definitely up to the job and I was never cold.

This heater, a Truma S3002, is outstanding. The main heater emits a nice heat, but the built in fan distributes the heat through the van by insulated pipes which run to beneath the rear 'seat' (its about 9" deep) and to the toilet compartment. There is a thermostat on the side of the cupboard. Blown air heating combined with radiant heat.

It keeps the van really at an ideal temperature and the one to the toilet is a godsend. I hang wet towels, jackets, etc, and they're bone dry in no time.

Runs on 240v or on gas. The fan part runs on 12v so works on 240v or gas.

An excellent bit of kit. It's been really cold on this trip and I'm very comfortable.


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