Eriba Kitchen Tips

I've learnt a few things about kitchen logistics since living in this van.

My electrical apparatus consists of a Tesco Value 2 slice toaster, same brand cordless kettle, and my Remoska. Along with the 3 ring gas hob, this seems to meet my needs entirely. As you can see above, the kettle and toaster fit under the window, of the worksurface, when not in use, and the Remoska fits in the space on the left hand side, in front of the toilet compartment.

The little angled 'wall' is ideal for my cross stitch of the van and the mutts, and a handy place to mount all my site 'plaques'. Anorak or what!

Tip 1: When you boil the kettle in the morning, fill you mug, then keep the remaining hot water for use throughout the day. A good flask like my Thermos, keeps it boiling all day.

Tip 2: Get a flexi bucket instead of a basin. Deep enough to hold all the dishes, and handy for carrying to the dishwashing area. Also, great for carting clothes back and forward to the laundry, and as a vessel for handwashing and rinsing. Viola!


  1. Now I know you're writing viola rather than voila, but it is still irritating (at least for those of us with OCD). You'll have to explain what a site plaque is, Iain. I actually thought they were your favourite Love Heart sweeties, perhaps with comments you were keeping for a lucky lady. In terms of household tips, I once heard you created a cardboard bed divider just in case you had to share a caravan bed; is that true and, if so, was it effective against leaping spaniels??

  2. Lovely cross stitch! Great place for it too x


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