Essential kit

Not a pair of Spaniels, but a pair of wellies!

Essential for a caravan holiday in Scotland. It WILL rain. Wet feet are murder, and I've found these boots to be absolutely brilliant. They're the short type, standard, black Dunlop wellies. I bought 2 pairs on Amazon and they were lest that £10 a pair. Pure decadence, but one pair for the house, one for the van. Incidentally, being shorter, they fit lovely in the water bottle locker in the Eriba.

In the past, I confess I have bought £60 plus wellies on 2 occasions. Both times, these boots have failed. The first ones were neoprene and rubber, and although they were warm and comfy, they ripped and despite repairs with a cycle tyre repair kit, they were useless and binned. The other pair were expensive Danish boots and simply started leaking.

Great for early morning and late night dog emptying.


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