Loch Greshornish, Skye.

This is night No.13/2018 staying away in the van. Now at Loch Greshornish, near Edinbane, on the Isle of Skye. £29.50 for me, the vam, 2 mutts (free), and power. You pay for power seperately at Camping and Caravanning Club sites. If I'd known the weather would be this good, I'd have brought my solar panel!

Woke around 0615 and it was looking like a good day.

We walked along the River Croe next to the site, the standard, morning dog walk, and after breakfast, we walked up the woods at the entrance to Inverinate. A good walk.

Noticed a dead ferral goat. There's a first!

I'd booked Skye last night. I'd been here before, one night a few years ago in my campervan. What's quite special about this place (for me) is that it is one of the only places in the north of Skye where you can let a dog run free. The reamainder of the island has sheep everywhere, but this site has a large enclosed moor where dogs can run free.

Packed up and left the site around 1020. The weather was stunning. Blue skies and it was warm.

A fairly non eventful trip, taking around 1hr 20mins. The only noticeable exception are, again, the potholes. The A87 fron Glen Shiel and through Skye is wrecked. It is like a 'Fred Flintstone' project in places. I don't know what the funding strategy is with roads, but a lot of work is definetly backing up.

Arrived here at around 1230. The site asks you not to arrive until 1300, so I killed some time in a layby overlooking the site until 1300. Took some photos from here.

Nice reception couple. Very friendly and helpful.

The weather is stunning. Took the dogs along the excellent dog walking area on the banks of the loch.

No phone signal and no wifi signal where I am pitched. I asked the warden, and she commented that the wifi they sell wasn't worth buying as the speeds were dire. On a hill, not 1/4 mile from the site is a brand new telephone mast which is due to be commissioned this month, but not yet. And it's EE!! My provider!

Weather continued lovely, and had a great sunset.


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