Morvich in Kintail

Night 11/2018. I'm now at Morvich C&MC Site in Kintail, near the village of Inverinate. A real quality site in a great location. 2 nights for the van, me, and the mutts (free) is a reasonable £30.60 for members.

Got up around 0630 and walked the dogs around the NNR. It has a number of short walks and they're all very enjoyable. After breakfast, we went another walk. This time the 'Buzzard Trail'.

Packed up the van and left Kinlochewe around 1020. We drove to Achnasheen, then Strathcarron, over to Auchtertyre then to Morvich. It was a real work out for the car and van. There are some hilly stretches on the road. The biggest concern though was the state of the roads. In particular, the road through Achnashellach. It forms part of the NC500 and it is wrecked. It's single track, and patched and potholed so much, I consider myself fortunate to still have the caravan attached! Not recommended for your pride and joy.

This is one of the better sections, between Kinlochewe and Achnasheen.

I arrived around 1150, which is strictly too early (1200 arrivals) so killed some time with a wander at Clachan Dubh.

Finally pitched the van, and took the dogs for a quick walk along the side of the site, by the River Croe.

After spending a bit of time unpacking kit, setting up the TV, filling tanks etc, we took a 5 min drive to Inverinate to walk the Forest Walk. It's a nice well fenced forest walk, on a private estate. Walkers are welcome. It has a fair climb, and you soon get a good height above the nearby A87 for some fine views of the surrounding hills and Loch Duich.

And two recent discoveries....

A cracking dog biscuit tin, Brora thrift shop, 50p!

And as the Familia has a larger capacity fridge than the Puck, the freezer compartment can hold a tub of ice cream, and keep it perfectly frozen! Result!


  1. Thrift shop? Is that the same as a charity shop?

    1. Believe it or not, thats what it was called. 'The Thrift Shop'. There used to be one on the base at Edzell when the Americans were there. I think it's an American term for Charity Shop.

    2. In Australia they call they ‘op shops’ meaning opportunity shops! Good bit trivia there :) clotted cream ice cream!x


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