NW Coast to Coast!

Night No 9/2018 away in the caravan. I'm now in Kinlochewe in the NW Highlands. A lovely site, been here many times before and 2 nights at £26.40 is not bad at all for a place of this quality.

The weather this morning in Brora was a lot better than forecasted. I expected to wake to constant rain all day, but it was lovely and very mild. Great sleep, getting up about 0600. Usual early morning jaunt down to the beach. Just stunning.

The site is right next to the Brora golf course, in a wee settlement called Dachalm.

Its an easy 25min walk along the beach to Brora itself.

Affter breakfast and another walk down the beach (!), packed up, hooked up the van and headed south then west. Stopped at Asda in Tain for some supplies then continued to Dingwall, then Contin, turned off at Garve and headed towards Achnasheen. Stopped in a layby in this stretch to give the dogs a bag of chicken bites, each. 

The weather was still great. A fantastic road to drive. It is a bit potholed with all the NC500 traffic, but the views on a day like this are fantastic.

Arrived in Kinlochewe at around 1330. The office was shut, so I used the C&MC app on the phone to do the booking, pitched up, and walked the dogs in the Beinn Eighe NNR next door.

Great site. Kinlochewe is a tiny settlement and definitely relies on passing trade, which the NC500 certainly provides. Lovely site to stay in.

The site is overlooked by the mighty Slioch.

Good things....the new mirrors worked a treat and I've still got 2, bad things....hooked up filled the water tank tried the tap, I could here the water, but I couldnt see it? The pipe had come of the top of the tank (its a push fit) and drenched the cupboard!! Could have been worse, the only wet thing now is my shoes. 


  1. Aww would’ve been worse if snacks were drenched! Great read x


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