Ratagan, Letterfearn and Totaig

Night No 12/2018. Second night at the Morvich C&MC Site in Kintail. Had another great sleep, and got up at around 0630 to some nice weather. It was a touch foggy, but the sun was making an attempt to break through. After taking the dogs along the River Croe, had some breakfast and headed to a walk I had done last year. It was from Letterfearn on the other bank of Loch Duich, past the ferryhouse at Totaig, and up to broch, Caisteal Grugaig. Its a great walk from the end of the very quiet single track road up the west bank of the loch.

Letterfearn is a lovely little place. I remember this quirky little 'veranda' which is on the shore. The display box is full of 'pin up' postcards from all over the world, probably from the 70's.

There is also a sort of outdoor settee, lounging area full of weirdness!

Some really nice wee cottages scattered all along here.

Nice views across the loch to Eilean Donan Castle.

As we walked along, I noticed a rather poor attempt at burying a cable along the side of the road right along to the Ferry House at Totaig. Since I was last here, it's now been occupied and that explained the cable laying. The place is a bit of a dump though, old caravan, wheelbarrows, discarded rubble, shambles of a water supply, etc. It could be so much better. I would love to live here! It is the absolute end of the road.

At one time, there was ferry from here across Loch Duich to Dornie, and there was even a pub here in the past!

Dornie, across Loch Duich, from the hilltop.

Walked along a gravel track through some nice burns, and lovely wee steep bits.

Finally arriving at the broch. I could even live here!!

An information board up the hill, and my attempt at a 'then and now'.

On the way back, spotted this plaque screwed to the stone beside the road. I can't stand these things, and I find them very intrusive. Probably a sad story, but its only their sad story. If I'd had a spanner on me, I'd have put it in a more appropriate place. I wouldn't have damaged it or thrown it into the sea, but it wouldn't be on public display!

After returning back to the van, and after some lunch, headed out to Kyle of Lochalsh for some supplies. The weather was now getting quite warm. Definite T shirt weather. Stopped at Ard Hill near Reraig for a walk.

Nice views of the Skye Bridge.

And to the east, over Kirkton.

Dogs were in pheasant mode (like sports mode on a motor) so were knackered!

I've stayed in Reraig a few times. It's a great 'springboard' for heading to Raasay. I always walked dogs on Ard Hill, a FC Forest. Last time I was here, the gate was locked, so I could only enter the carpark on foot. Travellers had set up an encampment, but had abandoned a caravan and loads of other junk there. The FC had left a notice on the caravan advising that it would be destroyed in so many days. Now though, it is all cleared, and a height barrier fitted, but you can still see some of the mess they left behind.

Sadly, it's quite a common sight in the NW and on Skye particularly in the summer.

This may be my last blog post for a few days. I'm pondering going to Loch Greshornish on Skye tomorrow, and there is no phone signal, and no wifi!

Lovely night in Morvich.


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