Reflections on this trip.

I'm now home, after a great trip from 21-28 April 2018. I spent 1 night at Balbirnie in Fife, then 3 nights in Dunbar, and 3 nights in Yellowcraig near North Berwick.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable trip and my experiences with my Eriba caravan continue to be brilliant. It's turning out to be a fantastic way of touring. It was a bit of a 'wrench' to come home, but, a planned dental examination and a jungle like garden take priority!

The weather on this trip was, in general, excellent. Most days were dry and bright, often cold and windy, but I saw very little rain. It was showery a couple of days, but overall I'd say I was extremely fortunate with the weather.

I've learnt on this trip that East Lothian is a fantastic area to visit. The beaches on the coast are stunning and match any beach I've been to on the west coast. One difference with the west coast is that the beaches are almost clear of all the fishing related debris and litter, in fact they were almost pristine. The only obvious problem was the timber which had been washed up from a ship which I saw over about 50 miles of the coast I visited.

East Lothian certainly seems to be an area overlooked and must be bypassed by tourists heading for the 'honey pots' up north. It's a real shame, this area has a lot to offer including better weather.

Balbirnie was also surprisingly good. It's on the edge of Markinch, hence an 'urban' site, however, the walking from the site and the facilities nearby made it a great stay. First Chinese takeaway for years!

Dunbar offered the best exploring. Despite being industrialised by a nearby Nuclear Power Station and a huge Cement Works, the access to the likes of St Abbs or Pressmenan Woods balanced this perfectly.

Between these sites, I have walked many, many miles. I walked some walks I'd done before, and some new, and I enjoyed them all. We also gained some height on Berwick Law (twice).

The van performed perfectly. I had no issues at all. I did notice that the elastic which holds the net curtains back was a bit tired, I ordered replacements when I was away, and replaced them tonight. The elastic on the pop top is also a bit tired, and I've ordered a replacement cord tonight. Other than that, the van performed and towed beautifully.

All the sites offered nearby supermarkets, so supplies were straightforward.

I discovered that 3kg of dry, grain free, dog food lasts me the 7 nights away. Also, my electric toothbrush lasts 7 days too on one charge (I forgot the charger!). I packed enough clothes for 8 days, so didn't need to use the laundry.

The distance between the sites was perfect, no more than 2hrs driving between each site, and home.

Overall, a great trip.


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