Return to Kintail

Night No. 15/2018 in the caravan. Returned from Skye to the Morvich C&MC Site in Kintail. Again, I'll be staying here for 2 nights. Me, the van and the mutts (free), at £27.40. Good value.

Woke up to promising weather, and it continued to improve through the day, even becoming quite warm in the sun. Got up around 0630, and walked the dogs along the dog walk. I think they're getting used to this!

Packed up around 1000 and headed back through Skye towards the bridge. It was fair gloomy over the Black Cuillin as we approached Sligachan.

Got a lot clearer, literally round the bend! Stopped to kill some time in Kyleakin, which even this early in the season had bus loads of tourists, well about 4 coaches worth. Had a wee run around the beach.

Arrived at Morvich bang on 1200 (as planned), and took the dogs for another well walked path, down the River Croe. The weather was fine.

It was laundry day. So it was the last of the 'Dobie Dust', and off for a visit to the washing machines (I had no handwash powder left). Amazingly, the machine can do a load in 28mins. That impresses an engineer like me!

Popped 2 pies in the Remoska. They were from the Inverinate Petrol Station, 2 mins from here. One was simply 'Chilli' and one 'Sweet Chilli Chicken'. £1.44 each and they were outstanding. What surprised me though was that they were very fresh, and were made by Argyll Bakers, Campbeltown. These are very well travelled pies!

After all the household chores, nipped up the nearby forest to let the dogs have a run around.

And I noticed this crowd at the junction.

When you get close, they are surprisingly large. A lot bigger than domestic goats and fantastic horns and shaggy long coats. They've been a feature on the A87 (a very fast road) between Shiel Bridge and Inverinate for years. I've seen large groups wrecking folks gardens here!

Later, before dinner, went a little further along the River Croe path. Some nice walks start right here, down the side of a farmers barn.

Next, the NTS Kintail Outdoor Centre is in a great spot for walking.

And at the (almost) road end is the wooden bridge to Innis a Chroe. Last time I was here, someone had collided with one of the side rails, and the whole thing was wonky. Seems to have been sorted. Suprised being built by the TA that it still stands anyway!!


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