Silverbank, continued....

Day 4 of the year in the Eriba. Staying another night at Silverbank in Banchory.

Slept well, this van has a really comfy bed, but as usual got up about 0600. The forecast was correct, sleet and snow showers with a biting cold wind. I just heard on the radio that the Cairn O Mount road was again shut because of the snow. Thats the road from Fettercairn to here.

Around 0630, took the dogs down and walked a stretch along the River Dee on the great riverside tracks.

Returned to the site, had some breakfast, using the time to dry my jacket. The tiny toilet room is a brilliant drying room. Simply turn up the heating and open the blown air vent and stuff dries fairly quickly. Presently has my towel, the dogs towel, an umbrella and my jacket in there!

Despite the weather, I packed the dogs into the car and we headed up to Crathes Castle, around 3 miles from here. Still wet, showery weather but a great dog walking area.

The daffys are out in force.

Returned back to the van to dry out the wet kit and dogs. Read some of my book, The Kerrachar Man, then nipped to Morrisons for some well deserved comfort food. Not had one in a while, so treated myself to a pair of 'Hog Roast Sausage Rolls', and a bottle of Branstons Brown Sauce. Delicious!

In the afternoon, the weather had improved a little bit. The periods between the showers were getting brighter and at one point I actually saw some sun. Got the drier kit back on and we headed east along the Dee.

Went as far as the riverside path allows, then headed for a return by the old railway line which runs parallel. Passed a variety of old trains next to the heritage rail station. I think some of them were definite MOT failures!

The river itself does have a fair bit of activity and spotted a few anglers and vehicles along the river. There are some great huts. Interesting, the ones I passed were simple wooden chalets with shutters and I never noticed any vandalism, damage, litter, or graffiti on any of them. This one was across the river and had the fire on.

Here's another from tonights wander along the Dee...

Nice walk this evening. The weather has improved a bit, the showers are definitely lighter but the forecast for tomorrow is as grim as today! Walked west along the Dee towards Banchory town centre following the Deeside Way, then along this really interesting wall. Possibly an old railway embankment? The only thing I could see when I walked back along the upper path was that the wall also 'retained' the Banchory Graveyard?

Massive hand hewn blocks of granite.

The wall was a good 20ft high (spaniel for scale purposes).

Another great day in the van, despite the weather.


  1. Excellent, I think those carriages on the rail tracks just get pushed backwards and forwards a bit as I saw them there last month during the D33!


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