Skye, continued.

Night No 14/2018. Night No.2 at the Loch Greshornish site in Skye.

Had a good sleep, and rose late at 0730! The weather was a bit grey and drizzly at first, improving a little later in the day. First walk of the day was along the lochside, then it was breakfast and a shower. The facilities here are very good, the showers are outstanding. All kept very clean and very modern.

The site was fairly quiet last night, maybe around 10 other pitches occupied. The book claims it has 105 pitches, but I dont know where they are located, certainly doesn't look that big.

For such a quiet site, it seems to have 5 wardens, but I get the feeling that 3 of them are probably working in return for free pitches.

Decided that as the weather was forecast as wet, I'd spend a bit of time exploring Portree with the dogs. To be honest, in this weather, it's a fairly grim place. Nothing really special at all. The harbour is probably the nicest bit, but I couldn't really judge due to the amount of fishing junk on the dockside, boxes, ropes, rubbish etc.

The best thing about Portree, in my opinion, is the Co-op. Even that is mediocre!

On the way back, stopped at the nice community woodland at Kingsburgh and let the dogs have a blast. Good quiet circular walk.

After returning to the van, got some lunch, and I had the idea of going to see the Coral Beach at the road end past Dunvegan Castle. The drive to Dunvegan was fine, and there's a good little petrol station where I filled up (support the local economy), but the drive to the beach was dreadful.

Took a hike up the hill next to the site in the evening to see if there was any phone signal possible. But no, so took a few shots back of the site.

Definitely enjoyed my stay here. The weather was good, good dog walk, and the staff were fine.



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