St Abbs and Dunbar

Night No.22/2018 staying in my caravan. My third and final night at Dunbar C&CC Site.

Got up at around 0630 to, again, nice weather. Breezy, but bright. Very quiet as I took the dogs for a bolt around the field next door.

After breakfast, decided it would be nice to walk around the Woodland Trust forest at Pressmennan. It is a great walk near Stenton, around 5 miles from here.

Lots of quirky carvings and signposts. Never met a soul!

Went back to the van for a bagel, then it was off to St Abbs Head. Never been here before, but as a NTS member, I like to 'bag' the properties as I go! Free parking for members, saving the £3.

It's a great walk. A bit longer than I had anticipated. Starting at the small visitor centre, followed a path to some impressive coves.

You gain a fair bit of height over sheer cliffs. Nice views of St Abbs.

The path climbs around some more coves until you reach the lighthouse. It's a Stevenson built light, and must have been fairly simple for them, it's perched on the cliff and is in total about 25' high! That's because it's about 260' above the sea on the cliffs.

Continued along the path past a nice loch.

Really interesting geological features. The bending and folding of the bedrock is very visible. In fact, it's was near here that Hutton (father of geology) made many of his observations. If you look close, you can see piles of the washed up timber. I can't seem to escape the stuff.

On return, paid a visit to the little harbour at St Abbs and it's famous volunteer lifeboat. Pretty little place.

In the afternoon, took the Dunbar clifftop walk which is surprisingly interesting.

More of that timber...


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