The Remoska

Quick recommendation. The brilliant Remoska cooker. This Czech made appliance is great for a caravan or campervan. Versatile, simple, and fairly compact.

It has one control, the on switch. I believe it heats to 190-200C. It can be used for casseroling, soups, reheating and apparently toasted sandwiches.

A lot of folk think it's a slow cooker which certainly is not. It's just like a table top oven. It comprises a heat resistant stand, the pot, and the lid which contains a heating element.

I've used it for heating pies and sausage rolls, and for heating ready meals like curries or pasta dishes. It is excellent.

I pack it in a nylon bag when I travel, and it gets stashed in amongst the other electrical kit in the locker beneath the hob of my Eriba.

Cost me £129 if I remember correctly.


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