Waste water bag??

My Eriba is fitted with an onboard grey water tank. It collects the waste water from the sink in the cooking area and the wash hand basin in the toilet. Until I got this van, I wasn't aware that these were fitted to caravans. There standard fitting on a lot of campervans and motorhomes, and often sites have 'motorhome service points' where these tanks are drained. Caravans normally have outlet pipes which feed into waste containers which are transported either in the boot of the towing vehicle or in the van itself.

These waste containers are wide and long due to the need to be shallow enough to fit under a caravan. Not good news in the constricted world of the Eriba caravan. This van, however, came with a really nifty accessory which the previous owner had sourced in Holland.

Not the Spaniel, but a waste water bag. A heavy plastic tarpaulin type material, which expands as it fills. Connects to the outlet of the tank by a flexible plastic hose. This means the water can be emptied when full, and I don't have to drive over the drain to empty. Very nice!

Also, rolls up, stuffs in a bin bag, and fits above the gas bottle in the front locker. Result!


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