Cumbria to Galloway

Night No.39/2018 staying in my caravan. I'm now at Garlieston C&MC Site in Dumfries and Galloway. 3 nights for me, the van, and the mutts (free) at £51.30. A bit pricier than I'm used to, but it is a Bank Holiday Weekend.

I've been here a few times before. I've been here in both my campervans, and my Puck. It's a cracking site and offers some great variety of walking with the dogs. Beaches, coastal walks, forests, it's got most types.

I got up, as usual, about 0600. My body clock is so predictable. Even when I've been 'beasting' it up the hills or laying about doing nothing, I'm always up at 0600!

It was a pack up day, so after the dog walk it was a case of emptying tanks, tidying kit away, disconnecting the van, hitching up, walking the dogs again, then heading on the road. I left Coniston about 0830.

Fairly long drive, taking me a shade under 4hrs including short breaks. Nothing much to note apart from a person just outside Grasmere on a 'recumbent' bike, on the main A road, holding up loads of traffic as they winded through the Lake District. A nutter who overtook me on the A66 near Keswick just missed causing a head on with a lorry by literally inches to spare.

Arrived here around 1230. I was rewarded with an absolutely cracking pitch in a corner, overlooking the Garlieston Bay on one side, and a nice little river on the other. I must be getting better at this reversing malarkey too. Despite having the usual sun lounging audience, I reversed perfectly from road, across grass, to pitch in one elegant manoeuvre!

Garlieston also allows me to collect another 'plaque' for my expanding collection.

It was a long drive for the dogs, so after getting pitched it was down to have a nice wee walk past the harbour and on the coastal path. This path leads to Rigg Bay.

I was getting low on supplies, so cut back 15miles into Newton Stewart. There is a Sainsbury's and an Aldi. Also popped into the hardware shop for some odds and ends.

On the return, stopped at Kilsture Forest, around 4 miles from Garlieston and took the dogs round a really pleasant walk. The bluebells were out in force.

I had a few jobs to do. On the way here, a jar of peanut butter managed to uncap itself in the fridge, flip over, and disgorge half it's contents over the inside of the fridge. There was peanut butter on everything, cheese, shelves, my lemons, the whole shebang. Managed to clean it up and had to scrub the shelves in the site dishwashing facility.

The vibrations of the journey had also wiggled out the hinge screws on my cupboard, and on the door handle. This has happened before, so I got some glue, better screws, and a nice screwdriver when I was in Newton Stewart.

A busy day for a man of leisure!!


  1. Peanut butter disaster! Hope you got a chance to replace it! Which one was it? Xx

  2. Peanut butter on your lemons?! Wow, how the boy from Drumchapel has become sophisticated, eh, with such first world problems? Initially I thought it seemed a long drive to Garlieston but then, allowing 2hrs to the border and remembering how deceivingly long that west branch to Galloway is, it made more sense. I can remember collecting wood and debris (early environmental stuff) on the beach at Rigg Bay over the course of a week or so for a massive bonfire on a cold Autumn night when I was at Galloway House, which was 1974 - a mere 44 years ago now. I still have great memories of that coastline and its many villages.


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