Dumfries and Galloway

This is night No.42/2018 staying in my caravan. I'm now pitched at Camling CL, near Penport in D&G. Fantastic farm site at £5 per night. No facilities except a water supply, bins, and somewhere to empty the toilet tank.

Got up about 0545 and took the dogs for a wander round Garlieston Beach. The weather, again, was lovely.

It was a pack up day, so spent an hour or so squaring everything away, and left the site around 1030.

My satnav told me it would take around 90mins, so a fine stretch for the dogs. The A/C in the car was doing overdrive though, it was already 23C when we passed Newton Stewart. A lovely drive though. Moniaive is a particularly beautiful village in my opinion.

Arrived at the site around 1200. It's a nice lawned area and there was one other van here. CL's normally restrict numbers to 5, and it's a really big site for 5 vans.

As we're effectively 'off grid', it was a fine day for the solar panel to get to work. Switched the fridge to gas, it works even better on gas.

This site has it's own riverside walk which is brilliant for the dogs. It's a tributary of the River Nith.

Nipped into Thornhill, about 3 miles from here for some supplies. Again, a lovely town with a good number of shops on a wide tree lined main street.

On the return, stopped at this bridge over the Nith for a great dog walk.

It is about 1600, and it is roasting. I reckon 25C and virtually no wind. Idyllic!


  1. Nice sun lounger! And perfect pitch very private!x


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