Garlieston and Eggerness

This is night No 40/2018 staying in my caravan. I'm staying for my second night at the Garlieston C&MC Site in Dumfries and Galloway.

Garlieston is a quiet seaside village. The Village Shop has shut (there is a petrol station up the road with essentials), but it has a nice little pub, The Harbour Inn, which is a busy little place. Haven't been in there, but I've walked past a few times. The harbour was once a busy port on the Liverpool to Glasgow line, and during the war this area was important in the development of the WWII floating docks and harbours, such as the Mulberry Dock and the 'Swiss Roll'. There is a picture of the 'Swiss Roll' on the information board, and it looks a horrendously scary bit of kit! Like a load of sleepers wired together, rolled out and floated, and then the army could drive over it from the boat onto the beach.

It is a great are for dog walking. Last night, around 2030 I intended just to take the dogs out for a quick 'emptying' but instead headed from here, through a farm, and around Galloway House estate, returning along Riggs Bay to the site. A very nice walk along coastline woods.

I am perched right over the bay. There is a notice saying that the site can flood in very high tides and always be on the ready for evacuation when tides are high. That explains that unlike any other site I've been on, the hook up points are on 4' high pedestals, the plugs being around 6' up.

Got up around 0600, and took the dogs around the bay below Garlieston.

The village behind the sea wall.

After some breakfast, fancied repeating a walk I'd done a few years ago. It's a 3hr walk from Garlieston to Eggerness point, returning by the Garlieston to Wigtown road.

It's a fine walk through along the coast, through forest, across some barley fields, then back into forest.

I think these ivy clad walls are the remains of Eggerness Castle.

Not often I walk in a wood with little coves on it's fringes.

Again, the bluebells are blooming here.

I passed Culscadden Farm (a large dairy farm), then onto the main road, then turned off towards Galloway Tanks to find a track past an old quarry back to Garlieston.

Some interesting vehicles in the drive. An Alvis Stalwart. I've only ever seen the Action Man model of one of these!

And a tank type recovery vehicle.

Really enjoyable walk. The only issue was that where the tanks were parked was within a cattle field. I had about 100m to cross before the gate for the track, and there were 2 bullocks who stirred and did make their way towards us. Fortunately, one got spooked, and the other one followed. I do not enjoy crossing fields with cattle, even less when I've got dogs!


  1. God that would’ve been hard going, good thing you’re brave and invincible!x


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