Kilearnan Hill, Glen Loth, and Helmsdale

Night 27/2018 staying in my caravan. This is the second night I am staying at the Brora C&MC Site.

Yesterdays weather was outstanding. Blue skies, light wind and warm. Great conditions to be near a beach, for sure.

The weather this morning wasn't so good. Woke to grey skies and a bit of light drizzle. Took the dogs down the beach then it was back for breakfast and a shower.

I had been studying my maps, and noticed a 'foot symbol' in Glen Loth for a walk up Kilearnan Hill. Glen Loth is a very lonely glen. Certainly doesn't get many visitors. The road through the glen is very narrow, has hardly any passing places and is so eroded in places, it resembles more of a gravel track in places. At best, you can reach 20mph. Stopped near the start of the walk to get a view down one of the infamous victims of the Highland Clearances, the Strath of Kildonan.

This is one of the best of the conditions the road has to offer.

Over a deer fence, and we were off. The dogs, as usual, had a total blast.

It's a walk through a very boggy, old, spruce forest following fire breaks. No real path, but fairly short route and obvious. Some red deer on the summit.

A very misty Sutherland.

Typical bleakness of this area on a day like this.

Returned to the car, headed down the Strath of Kildonan to Helmsdale on the coast.

You're never far from a Spar.

Found a walk on 'Walkhighlands', the Helmsdale Explorer. Nice walk along the coast, returning by a walk along the pavement by the A9 back into Sutherland. Passed this fisherman bagging whelks. How fishing has changed in Scotland.

Nice bay he was working in though!

As I sit here, around 1400, we've had some passing heavy showers, but fingers crossed, it's starting to brighten.

And what a great evening it turned out! Took the coastal walk into Brora village.

The River Brora which runs through the village.

The very impressive Great War Memorial.

Followed the coastal path there and back.

Compared to this morning, the weather is fantastic.


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