Living off grid in an Eriba.

This post is about 'off grid' caravanning in an Eriba. It's where your on a site which has no power, no shower facilities, and no toilet.

Here's my set up.

Off Grid, you depend on 12v. I have an onboard leisure battery, which i have wired for connection to a solar panel. Mine's a 100w panel, portable, connecting to the van via a fused Anderson Connector mounted under the van.

I'll be relying on gas if I need to use the heater, so the extension to the flue must be fitted to take the exhaust above the pop top.

I have 12v outlets (Hella european) at the end of the kitchen lamp.

Where I use a handy voltmeter/temp gauge to monitor charging.

I also have a 12v outlet on the side of the fridge cabinet.

Electrical selector on the fridge switched to off.

I'm now running the fridge on gas which performs brilliant.

For tea, you'll need one of these.

And lets not forget, this contraption needs to be used as the 'full' toilet capabilities.

And, instead of a shower...

For 240v equipment, such as toothbrush charging etc, an inverter is certainly worthwhile. My inverter is 150w.

Sometimes, likes of my phone, doesn't like being charged from 12v. The inverter solves this issue perfectly.


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