Penpont and Thornhill

This is night No 43/2018 staying in my caravan. I'm now here for my 2nd night at Camling CL near Penpont in Dunfries and Galloway.

It had been a wee bit chilly overnight. I didn't put any heating on, and I left the vents on the van 'open'. Still, woke to a great day yet again. It feels like ages since there's been any rain.

Only one other unit on the site, away out of sight at the far end of the field.

Took the dogs down by the Scaur Water which runs past the site. A short but very useful walk.

Even had an 'alfresco' fry up! Not what I normally have, but being 'off grid', it makes for a change. No toasted bagels today. It was lovely, sausage, bacon, and a pair of eggs.

I wanted to walk up Tynron Doon today, but when I got to the village (a few miles from here), the path has been closed until September due to forestry works. There was a fine diversion put in place, but it went through fields of livestock, so I thought I'd find another walk.

A lovely little village.

And a rather fine Kirk.

Decided we'd go towards Thornhill, pass under the Nith Bridge, and head north on the bank, a signed Public Path.

It was still a roasting day.

It's a nice path which goes on for miles.

Some fine houses on the Thornhill side of the river.

Due to the sun, the 'off grid' experience has been excellent. I've not needed the heater, the fridge is working great, and the solar panel has kept my battery at a healthy level. I've also been able to charge the phone, and my Kindle. I'm also currently using solar for this chromebook. Very efficient.

The only thing I've noticed though is that the van and I are consuming a lot of water. Unlike at a CC site, I have to dishwash in the van, and I also have to take care of teethbrushing, washing, etc, in the van. Not an issue really, but I've only got a 10lt container which I have to fill a couple of times a day. One of they big rolling tanks which 'plumb in' external to the van is a good idea at places like this.


  1. Nice report again, Iain. I wonder if we should all occasionally go off-grid, in terms of both power and water supply, to really appreciate the incredible availability that we so take for granted. As you write, it is surprising how much water one person can consume - and even those that prefer baby wipes to showers for two weeks. I love the names of places and rivers in D&G. They are so unfamiliar but at the same time obviously Scottish. They could be straight out of a Harry Potter book from his school days. Safe travels.

  2. Nice alfresco breakfast! Xx

  3. We had alfresco dinner too!!!


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