Preparations for the next journey.

I returned home from my last trip to East Lothian to attend an arranged appointment at the dentist. There's very few reasons I 'have to' return, but it's mainly dental appointments, vet appointments, MOT for the car, and of course, grass cutting!

I used the time between returning and heading away to take care of a few maintenance items on the van.

I replaced the friction pads on the stabiliser, a standard Al-Ko AKS1300 hitch. A straightforward job taking about 10mins. Cost around £25 for the new pads. I replaced them as the existing pads were worn and 'glazed' where they'd been working.

I did notice when packing up on the last trip that the pop top fabric wasn't pulling in neatly when the roof was lowered, so I ordered 10m of 4mm elastic cord and replaced that. A very satisfying 10min operation. Cost around £5. I also bought some 2.5mm cord and replaced the 'hold backs' on the net curtains.

It;s then a case of getting the maps and books out and preparing and planning the next trip.

I'm heading off to Orkney next! Never been there, and quite excited. The trip will involve driving up to Brora, staying there a few night, then heading to Gills Bay for the Ferry to St Margarets Hope on Orkney main island. First time I've taken this van on a ferry.


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