Rigg Bay and Wigtown

This is night No.41/2018 staying in my caravan. This is my third night at Garlieston C&MC Site in Dumfries and Galloway.

Got up just before 0600, as usual. I just cannot sleep beyond it! I think it's partly due to the really early sunrises at the moment, the sunny weather, and the fact that the poptop canvas is a light grey colour. If I change it, I'm going to go for (the available) orange or red.

It was another glorious night last night. The tide was out and it was still warm when we headed out for the circular walk past Galloway House and returning by the coast.

My brothers old 'holiday home' for posh kids. The rather impressive Galloway House. The rear of the house which faces the sea has a really interesting bow shaped centre, a bit like Windsor Castle.

After breakfast today, we walked along to Rigg Bay where they developed the Mulberry Harbour. Last time I was here a few years back, there were timbers from the structure visible on the beach, but it all seems to be buried now in the sand. I could only find one section sticking out the sand, covered in seaweed.

It is a great beach when the tides out.

 After returning to the site, headed down to Wigtown for a Sunday Paper. Headed down to the bay and walked this new path for a couple of miles between Wigtown and it's Harbour which now seems to be a wetland bird sanctuary.

Wigtown is a fine place. It's Scotlands 'Book Town' and there are loads of bookshops. The big bookshop was open, and there are literally thousands of used books crammed in every available space on every topic imaginable. For used books, not many bargains in my opinion.

After lunch and a read of the paper, took the dogs along Garlieston Beach then headed back by an alternative route through Galloway House Estate. This was reverse of what I'd walked last night. Overnight, however, it was blowing a hooly here, and a very large tree had come down over the track and the fenced edge. Had to do a bit of clambering with the mutts to get through the branches, in shorts. A very scratchy experience!

The afternoon continued to be roasting. I reckon it was around the 25C mark. A light breeze made sitting outside in my wee corner spot perfect.

There's a few swallows around, and because of the style of my TV Aerial, there's a few using it as a perch.

The dogs always sit in the shade, or under the caravan where the gravel is nice and cool.

Just booked my next 2 nights. Heading up to a farm CL site near Penpont, still Dumfries and Galloway. It'll be an interesting one. I've stayed here a few years ago. A stunning riverside field overlooked by a fine hill and a Roman Fort. There's water and somewhere to empty the toilet chemicals, but that is it. No showers, toilets, or power. The upside is that it's only £5 a night and it's a nice scenic yet secure location, the farm overlooks it on the other side of the road.

The van is completely equipped for 'off grid' touring, and I've brought my solar panel and all my 12v adaptors. My fridge and heater can run off gas as well as mains, and there are built in 12v outlets in the van. Looking forward to trying this out.


  1. As you know, I just had to reply to that "brother's home for posh kids" comment ... The truth, my dear sibling, is different and more interesting. Glasgow Corporation bought Galloway House after its use as a hospital during WW2 to allow the most deprived kids in its schools experience the magic of Scottish rural life. Each year the Education Department identified the most needy Glasgow schools to be offered a 3-4 week break for its Primary 7 pupils. I was lucky enough to be at Pinewood Primary in Drumchapel when it was made that offer. For the grand sum of 32 pounds, I was fortunate to be given a four week break that, I think, changed the course of my life for the better. I loved every moment of it and now, 44 years later, still recall the many experiences that left an indelible - and positive - mark of my personality and views. Oh, and the final benefit was that, while I was out the household, my two brothers left at home were even more indulged than usual; new cat suits, high-legged rockstar boots and as much cheese as they could eat.


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