This time, south...

This is night 34/2018 staying in my caravan. At the C&MC Strathclyde Country Park Site near Hamilton. One night for me and the dogs (free) for £15.70. Not the cheapest I've encountered, but I suppose it is a 'functional' site.

Decided to stay at this site as it is around 2.5hrs from home, and if nothing else, gives the dogs a break from a long drive south. Good location for stopping over. Virtually over the hedge from the M74 and the A725 so ideal for heading north or south.

It's a tidy site, and fine for my purposes, but it does feel busy. It is big and has a huge storage area for caravans and motorhomes not in use and is very close to the roads. Traffic noise is noticable, well at least I think it is, and mind, I'm half deaf!

Good opportunity to empty clothes into cupboards, organise food etc, and the site is handy for supermarkets and they big warehouse type pet stores. Got some good grain free dried food for the dogs and some supplies to last me until I'm further south.

I've booked the next 8 nights away including the Lake District and Dumfries and Galloway. Really looking forward to the Lakes as I've only ever passed through the area.

Should be a good trip.


  1. Sounds great! Sad you’ll miss my run x

  2. Have a good, interesting and safe trip, Iain. I don't imagine the dogs would have had any long woodland walks this morning. Mind you, the Battle of Bothwell Bridge is a very significant Montrose marker in that area. Looking forward to reading how the Lake District impresses you, or not. Is like driving through real "Janet and John" or "Enid Blyton" countryside. I think (and hope) you'll really like it.


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