Around Culloden

This is night No 54/2018 staying in my caravan. It's my second night at the Culloden Moor C&MC Site near Inverness.

Got up at an incredibly late time of 0730! Walked the dogs around the nearby forest, with access straight from the site, and after breakfast took the dogs to the forest in Culloden Village.

An excellent walk past a 'Clootie Well' and a few Culloden related landmarks.
It starts in dense forest, then onto more open cleared land.

Good views over to the hills across the Moray Firth.

Always fascinated by this tree, bang in the middle of the entrance to a bridge over the railway.

A massive boulder has either been placed on it's root, or has been lifted by the tree itself.

After returning to the car, headed into Inverness to visit the outdoor superstore 'Go Outdoors'. I renewed my membership card (£5) and picked up a few items. Pink fluid for the flush tank in the van, a collapsible bucket, and a 12V portable shower for use when I'm on a CL. You drop one end in a bucket of water, and connect the lead to a 12v outlet in the van. It's got a hand held on/off switch and a normal looking shower head. It got good reviews from other users. My C&CC Membership gives me a 10% discount, so I was happy.

After lunch, took the dogs to the end of the track in the woods. Nice open views where the track ends. It's about 30mins from the site to here.

Later in the afternoon, went to another wood I'd passed before near the Forestry School in Culloden. A great circular walk of about an hour.

This is my last night in Culloden Moor on this trip. Now planning the next bit. Might head east to a CL near Nairn, or north to either Dingwall or a fine CL near Dornoch.

In the early evening, I visited the nearby Clava Cairns. These are Bronze Age burial chambers. There are three in this group. Apparently, I read that these cairns were the inspiration for the writer of Outlander.

This one showed the outer ring of standing stones.

It's best described as a central chamber surrounded by a boulder ring with passageways radiating outwards. They're surrounded by a ring of standing stones.

The information board was interesting and gives an insight into the need to preserve these monuments. In Victorian times, a group decided to dig out the heart of one of the cairns for an afternoons entertainment, and the landowner shifted some of the standing stones to make a track. He also removed some to make a nearby wall!


  1. All reads good, Iain, apart from the idea of a 12volt DIY shower. That will sort out the short and curlies. Was expecting some commentary on the 1746 battle site; maybe you're a bit weary of that.

  2. Classic Hamish with log photo! Queue iPhone background change! Xxx


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