Around Dornoch and Tain

This is night No 56/2018 touring in my caravan. My second night at Davochfin Farm CL near Dornoch.

Got up around 0645 and took the dogs around Camore Wood next to the site. It's a fine wood which gives a number of options from a 30min to about a 90min walk. Very handy and accessed direct from a gate in the farm.

Had a hearty breakfast of muesli, followed by a butterie.

It was still early, so I was dying to try out my new shower. It was outstanding! Filled the flexi bucket about 3/4, then poured in a kettle full of boiling water. Certainly hot enough, and the quality of the shower was excellent. The on off switch hangs fine of the car handle, and I donned trunks in case of passing campers. This is a winner.

Squeaky clean, I took the dogs a walk from the site, across the road to the owners fishery and golf range to Cuthill Sands.

I remember the last time I was here the owner remarked that this expanse of moor was the largest coastal heather moor in Scotland.

Cuthill Sands are lovely. Golden sand with a sand/mud bay which stretches out miles when the tide is out.

A look back at the fishery on my way to the farm.

And the farm road.

The farmhouse with the quad he races around on.

The farm buildings with the CL behind.

Later in the morning, took the short drive to Tain to walk Tain Hill FC forest. The summit was a good viewpoint. I could see the Portmahomack peninsula and there can't be many viewpoints like this where you can see the Dornoch, Cromarty and Moray Firths.

Went back around Camore Wood in the afternoon. The route I chose went past a number of dead looking trees. There were hundreds, but they were quite mature trees. Wondered if it was maybe deliberately flooded as part of a scheme?


  1. Reads like a great place and appears you continue to be very lucky with the weather. While I'm relieved that you had your budgie-smugglers on for the shower, I still don't understand what it actually does. I now imagine a shower handle and hose that basically pumps (and recycles?) the warm water in the bucket. That right?


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