Balbair and Loch Migdale

This is night No.58/2018 touring in my caravan. This is my second night at Drumbhan CL near Bonar Bridge.

Again, it was raining and fairly blustery last night. It was showery when I woke around 0600, but the forecast was for an improving day. It certainly did, but remained very windy throughout the day.

Took the dogs along the roads near the house, which are very quiet, and after a shower and breakfast, I took them down the road (by car) to Balbair Forest, just on the outskirts of Bonar Bridge.

Took the longer waymarked 'green' route, which is a great walk. Some nice ponds on the way up the hill.

Hamish always does his best to find and carry the weirdest of sticks.

After the walk, we returned to the van for a few hours reading and generally lazing around.

In the afternnoon, headed along the direct single track road from here towards Spinningdale. There's an excellent network of paths around the Woodland Trust forest at Ledmore & Migdale. I opted for the 'Honest George's Circuit', which is inspired by George Dempster MP, an apparently famous tree lover (?).

George Dempster

Interesting, he was of 'Skibo and Dunnichen' which are at opposite ends of the country, almost. He's buried in Restenneth near Letham.

A great long winding route up the hills above Loch Migdale.

Great views over the loch and across to Migdale Rock.

Migdale Rock.

After the walk, took a nice liesurely drive down into Spinningdale, Bonar Bridge, Ardgay, and finally Tain to pick up something for dinner. The weather is nice and bright, but very windy.


  1. There’s a Dempster day celebration every year in Letham! 12th August this year


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