This is night No.57/2018 touring in my caravan. Now at Drumbhan CL, near Bonar Bridge in Sutherland. A fairly basic CL, but with power, at a cost of £10 per night.

It rained very heavy overnight, and it was lighter but still fairly continuous when I got up around 0645. Donned the wellies and took the dogs around the neighbouring forest. The weather was improving even this early.

The rain died out around 0900, and after breakfast I took the dogs down to the beach. As predicted, absolutely deserted!

Left Davochfin Farm at about 1130. It is only a short 12 mile drive to this CL, so I took my time and stopped at the excellent Balbair Forest just outside Bonar Bridge to walk the dogs around one of the waymarked routes. The weather was lovely.

Arrived at Drumbhan about 1230. It's about 2.5 miles from Bonar Bridge in the settlement of Airdens. A nice little field in the grounds of a croft/bungalow. There was no one else here. There are 5 graveled pitches so I chose one on the corner with cracking views. The site is on an elevated location looking down on Migdale.

I could make out some big hills to the south, possibly Munros. I'm thinking they could maybe form part of the Dearg's near Ullapool.

Lovely pitch with power and a water tap right by the van. Very handy.

After setting up, jumped in the car for the short trip to Loch Migdale. Never heard of this loch, but it was a cracking lochside forest walk. Around 3km out, and back.

Had some of the finest examples I've seen of Caledonian Pine. Some growing out of a sheer cliff face.

Some really big examples, probably 60'-80' high.

On the way back, stopped in at the fairly well stocked Spar Shop in Bonar Bridge.


  1. Another good commentary, Iain. It does strike me that you should be considering how you better "use" all these beautiful loch-sides that you are walking besides. Could you, for example, have a nostalgic re-attempt at some simple fishing from the shore? Or could you seek to hire a wee rowing boat and, so long as the dogs are secure, go explore the opposite shore or islands that are probably otherwise inaccessible? That could add a whole new dimension to your experiences. Finally, as a thought, you should think about occasionally organizing a nice wee mid-day picnic (complete with groundsheet) one of these days. Besides being a great (albeit twee-ish) photo, could allow you to venture further while keeping the dogs and yourself fuelled.


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