Fraserburgh to Pennan

Night No.51/2018 staying in my caravan. Now on my 2nd night at Smiddy Croft CL, near Tyrie.

Got up around 0600 and took the dogs along the minor road to the north of the farm. A really quiet road. Only met a tractor mechanics van and a farmer tending cattle. The road goes past Tyrie School, which is in the open countryside. 

It was a nice morning, still a bit windy from the storm overnight (Storm Hector), but very warm for that early in the day.

After getting some breakfast, and with the absence of shower facilities, it was bucket and sponge time. Did feel refreshingly spotless, I've got to add.

Took the dogs the 6 miles into Fraserburgh for a walk on the stunning beach. The dunes are like small hills.

It is a fine esplanade.

The rather industrially positioned beach Caravan Park.

The entrance to the harbour.

Busiest shell fish harbour in Europe and huge White Fish interest too. A very active place, some of the trawlers are massive vessels.

From here, drove through Sandhaven and then onto Rosehearty. This is going along one of the streets near the shore. Like Sandhaven, the cottages are built 'side on' the the sea.

There's a handy wee picnic spot with a nice coastal walk. This is a private house, must have been a military installation at one time.

The coastal walk.

The views west to the cliffs around Pennan or Gardenstown.

Drove along the coast to New Aberdour Beach. A gritty stone affair, but deserted.

Some nice sea arches and caves along the east of the bay.

Some ancient vandalism. I could make out '1915' amongst the eroded scratchings.

An old fresh water spring for a drink on the banks above the bay.

Drove further east and down the steepest and narrowest road imaginable to Pennan. I have a powerful motor, and it was a 1st gear grunt to get back up the hill to the main road. I've been here before, I spent a weekend in the famous Hotel which featured in Local Hero.

A heavy shower came on and we managed to get some cover in the Hotel entrance doorway (it was closed). The famous red phone box outside.

From Pennan, headed east for a look round Macduff and Banff, then headed back in a circular route along the A98 to the site.

On my return, I had a bit of a nostalgic lunch snack. Orkney Triple Smoked Cheddar and Orkneys Oatcakes. A delicious combination.

Late afternoon, I headed into nearby Strichen. I'd read about the Strichen Community Park. It was excellent. A great long forest walk for the dogs and a rather nice loch area.


  1. Good that (a) you're visiting a neglected corner of Scotland and (b) that your camera stayed at foot level for the tinkers' bath photo. I cannot find it now but it was either Samuel Johnson or John Betjeman (a huge difference, I know) that described Banff as the best example in the UK of a planned Georgian town. That has whetted my appetite to go back and look. I will be in that area soon, in terms of Buckie, at the end of the Speyside Ultra. I might do it then. Keep safe, Iain, and continue to enjoyable blogging ... but no more "One for the Wives" bath-time scud-mag photos, please son.


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