Reston and Chirnside

This is night No.47/2018 staying in my caravan. I'm on my second night at New Mains Farm CL, near Reston in the Borders.

Woke at an incredibly late 0700. I think it's possible that subconsciously I have no need to get to the shower block early like on other places I've stayed, because there isn't one!

After dressing, took the dogs out for a walk along the old rail line. It was around 0730, and already T shirt weather. Warm and sunny, and no wind.

An interesting old building on the line, near the farm.

The old bridges are in surprisingly good nick. This one looked great with the broom growing out of the stonework.

After returning to the van, I took a drive into Eyemouth, a place I'd never visited. On the coast, it was thick fog and from the esplanade, you couldn't even make out the beach or the sea. To be honest, I was a bit disappointing. Very 'seaside town' with amusements, tack shops etc. Had a nice narrow winding high street, a bit like Stromness on steroids. I got a newspaper in the local shop, and some supplies in the co-op.

After lunch, took a drive to Chirnside. Never heard of it. They had the bunting out for some reason, but it was like a ghost town. I took the dogs a walk along a track leading from the centre of town, but very quiet. There was a wedding in the church, and there were only 2 wedding cars at the church! All a bit weird!

It's continued dry, but very warm. I'm in my van at the moment and it's threatening showers. Thankfully it's cooled a bit and the breeze is very refreshing.

It's one of those evenings where I have to chew over where my next stop should be. I really like this CL, and I may stay a little longer, or I may start winding my way back north. I'm not really missing the lack of facilities and it is very peaceful.


  1. 7am!? You're turning into your Dad with all these long lies. Eyemouth and Chirnside (another Potteresque sounding name) read a wee bit sad. Without experience, I thought all these wee places in the Borders were commuter towns for Edinburgh and so were all thriving. Shows how perceptions can be wrong. Wonder if your grass at Luthermuir will be loneger or shorter than the old railway growth when you return ...

  2. No mistaking which dog it is in photo no.1!x


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