This is night no.48/2018 staying in my caravan. I'm now at Queen Elizabeth Park C&MC Site in Stonehaven. A fair £33 for 2 nights for me, the mutts, and the van.

I am planning to do a trip not too far from home this time. Stonehaven is fairly local and although I've often been in the town, I've never stayed here. It gives me the chance to experience Stonehaven rather than be the normal 'functional' trip. It is a nice town with a traditional town centre and square, and has a good choice of walks, both on beaches and in woods.

Good opportunity to add to my collection of plaques...

It is a popular site which I only booked last night. Just as well, as when I arrived at around 1400 the warden was putting out the 'site full' sign. Shame, as a pair of cloggies had arrived and there was no space.

I have a strategy of trying to avoid school holidays on the basis that I reckon that will mean more tourers, but the last few months have demonstrated to me the high numbers of regular folk touring in what I would classify 'off season'. A lot of older (retired?) people, unlike me, and foreigners.

Even when full, it's open enough not to feel too closed in.

After pitching up, filling the tanks, connecting power and TV (which is on the bollard), I was keen to take the dogs round Dunnottar Woods. I've never been here before.

Lovely big wide tracks through a fine mature wood.

I'm really surprised how big the wood is. You get the impression, when passing in a car, that the wood is sandwiched between the A90 and the Stonehaven Rd, but it is a fine big patch.

Passed the Dunnottar Nursery. The walls seem to be built on top of older block walls.

An old folly by the river, Shell House, next to the burn.

Stopped in at the Co-op on the way back for a couple of bargains. My brother would be proud of me,

'Posh' chocolate for 34p!! Now I'm really on holiday!!

In the early evening, took the dogs across the road to the beach. Bit grey, but a good place for a wander. A shingle and sand affair.

Looking north to the village of Cowie, right next to the caravan site.

And the famous heated salt water outdoor pool. I should have bought my Speedos as it was open, I could hear the 'piped' music and steam was coming from the water heater contraption. Hot sea water, lovely.


  1. Omg those bargains!!!!! 4p crisps!!!

  2. U want to get yourself to the bay chip shop! They also do bonio biscuits on request! Was there wild garlic at dunnottar? Always smells like it there x

    1. I haven't tried the Bay yet and the garlic was bowfin!


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