Stop/Tail light replacement.

Back home and the first of one of the minor repair jobs, the red stop & tail light replacement on my Eriba 320GT.

When I hook up and am ready to leave, I try the indicators, the buzzer identifying that the indicators are operating. I then put on the lights and through the wing mirror, I can see the high and low lamps on the front of the van are working.

Occasionally, I go out and check the tail lights. I did notice an intermittent problem with the drivers side tail light. Taking the lamp off, simple 2 screw job, I could 'reseat' the bulb and get it working.

The bayonet section which holds the bulb was broken and had been repaired with some insulating tape.

With my inexperience, I was worried this was going to be an original Hymer/Eriba part ($$$), but fortunately after searching eBay, it's a generic 95mm Jokon Stop/Tail Lamp. Not too bad at £17 for the complete assembly (including bulb!), and takes 5 mins to fit.

Very happy!


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