The Beeches, day 2.

This is night No.60/2018 touring in my caravan. This is my second night at The Beeches CL near Tayport.

It was a rather grey day, all day. It's a feature of the east coast of Scotland in hot summer months. A 'haar' blows in from the sea, a low fog which is often reluctant to burn off, even when inland only a few miles is blue skies.

I arose around 0600 to grey weather. It was a very light drizzle, and quite cool. I used my portable shower which was excellent, although I had got the water a bit on the cool side. Refreshing to say the least. There was one other unit on the site, a small campervan at the other end of the field. To be discreet, I positioned my flexi bucket/shower tray round the rear of the van. Shockingly, as I did the 'full wash down' a car passed by the site, right past the very open gap in the fence! Rural voyeurism is acceptable, I suppose.

After ablutions, I took the dogs along the track towards Morton Lochs where they got a great run around in the borders.

I didn't get many photos today, not just because of the greyness, but a family emergency required me to head back home (and return) today. To help with some dog-sitting, it was fortunate that my daughter and her partner were on holiday nearby.

They took the dogs on a huge walk around Tentsmuir Forest, returning from their walk just ahead of me returning from home.

I left for home around 1130, returning 1400. Had a lunch with my guests which included some outstanding cheese and jelly which had come from the House of Bruar. Absolutely stunning Beer and Mustard flavoured.

After they left, I took the dogs along to Morton Lochs for a blast. I very fine nature reserve.

After all the driving, logistical planning, and greyish day, I'm settling in for a relaxed Friday evening.


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