The Beeches

This is night No 59/2018 touring in my caravan. I'm now at The Beeches, a CL near Tayport in Fife. £5 per night.

I'd done all my 'domestics' at home, received any post I was waiting for, and got the washing done. With the spell of stunning weather we've been experiencing I was keen to get back out again. With the temperature soaring, I didn't want to travel far in the car. Turned out that my air con had the car freezing anyway! It was 27C as I passed through Dundee.

I've been here once before, a number of years ago in my campervan. It's a great location, handy for the shopping in Tayport and right next to Tentsmuir Forest. When I arrived, I had the huge field all to myself. Perfect weather for the solar panel.

There's been some improvement since I was last here. The green hut was always here, and houses the chemical dump in one side, with the bins, and on the other is the drinking water. The new development is the installation of a portacabin style Toilet. Fine for those who don't want to (or don't have) their own. A site with a toilet at £5 per night is very, very rare.

Got a good pitch with sun for the van, and shade for the car.

After setting up, and letting the heat die down, headed off along the track from here to the Morton Lochs nature reserve. Great place, but out of respect for the 'twitchers' and the wildlife, I kept the dogs on the leads at these pools.

On the way back, I let them have a blast on the approach track.

  Took the opportunity to try out my new canopy. I'd measured up, and ordered it over the phone, custom made at Montrose Rope and Sail Co.

It works a treat. Sags a little, but doesn't affect it and that could easily be corrected with beefier poles.

A lovely but roasting day. Even here near the coast, it is very warm.


  1. Looks a hot day, Iain. I recall that area next to Tentsmuir (including Kinshoddie beach?) as a stunning location with lots of weaving trails. Impressed by the new tarpaulin. I assume that you used your won poles and simply ordered a sheet of canvas, maybe specifying the number, location and size/style of eyeholes? They're a fascinating company, having been around for centuries, managing to continually (and successfully) diversify into new markets as other disappear. I recall Jane's Dad explaining that in the context of big open water sail boats being replaced by coal/diesel vessels with no sails (so no canvas needs) then rail haulage, with covered (with canvas) loads losing out to road based haulage that then moved to plastic tarps. I often see the Montrose brand on the many bags of offshore workers. They must be doing something right. Good for you to offer your own support.


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