Waste Water Tank

A peculiar fitting on some Eriba caravans is the onboard 'Grey' water waste tank. Normally only fitted on motorhomes, it captures the waste water from the sink and the wash hand basin and can be emptied over a 'drive over' waste point at sites. I wasn't aware that caravans had these tanks, normally caravanners carry a large portable waste tank which is wheeled and emptied at the waste water point on sites.

By having this tank, I don't need to carry the large portable version. However, not all sites are ideal for manoeuvring caravans, especially European vans, over the drain point.

On my last trip, I noticed that the tank drain valve was leaking badly when there was waste in the tank.

I removed and stripped the valve, and the valve seat was badly pitted and worn. It is a fairly robust screw down valve. On measuring the valve, the thread where it joins the the tank is standard thread 3/4" BSP (which means British Standard Pipe). The tap fitted on garden water butts are also 3/4" BSP, so I fitted one of them.

The benefit here is that the tap has a standard 'hozelock' type outlet, so I can attach a short length of hose if I cant get near the drive over drain.

I also took the opportunity to give the internals of the tank a good clean. There was a build up of gunge and scale which probably didn't help with the leaky valve.

There is a large screw plug (6" dia) on the base of the tank to allow for cleaning.



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