Around the Dornoch Firth

This is night No.68/2018 living in my caravan. This is my second night at a CL on Davochfin Farm near Dornoch.

Slept really well, getting up around 0615. It was a bit dull, but dry with a light breeze. First walk of the day was down past the Golf Range, through the moorland, and onto the beach. Lovely walk, never seen anyone else.

Before breakfast, I wanted a shower. Being a CL, it's a case of bring your own. In my caravan 'down time' I got a popup shower ten which performed excellently. Easy to put up, and a doddle to fold away.

My arrangement of water in a bucket, shower pump immersed in the tank, and the shower powered from a 12v outlet in the van. It was a great shower!

Scrubbed clean, took the dogs around Camore Wood near the site. Interesting bumps in the landscape, they're the archaeological remains of 'huts', known as 'hut rings', elevated patches of ground where families lived.

From there went into Eggerton to the caravan shop to get an extra water container. The one in my van is only 16lt and when I'm dependant on lots of water (in a CL) I need additional capacity. a 25Lt tank for £9.95. Excellent value.

Back to the van for lunch then headed west past Skibo Castle, through Spinningdale, and into Migdale for a forest walk I'd walked a few months back. A really nice old woodland.

You can smell the pine trees, that antique smokey smell you only get from old Scots Pine.

It's a Woodland Trust managed forest with some really nice long hilly walks.

Loch Migdale in the distance with Migdale Rock on the right.

The path climbs the hill to the south east of the loch then heads down to the shores of Loch Migdale.

After returning to the van for some tea, headed out in the early evening to Skelbo, about 5 miles from here. A really nice 1hr circuit with some interesting features and viewpoints.


  1. Nice blog and comforting not to read about your knee meaning that the pain must have passed. That is good. Photos are moody and atmospheric. Only trigger for me this time is - rather oddly - to do with Drumchapel place names. I'm not sure about Migdale but there is (was?) a Ledmore Avenue and Canmore Road in the Drum. As town planners do, I wonder if the Glasgow staff of the 1940s consulted a map of the area you are now visiting. Another reference to that is, as you probably know, to think of Pitteuchar street names and their reflection of Scottish castle names - c.f. Skibo and Dunrobin in your locale. Travel safe, young man.


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